Mark E Curtis

The geometry of DNA: a structural revision

- the appliance of critical reason to Crick and Watson’s proposal - 


Bansal’s paper clearly illustrates some of the troubling issues pertaining to Crick and Watson’s helical structure. It should be remembered that originally there were just two forms of DNA... A (dehydrated) and B (hydrated). It was only with the onset of synthesis in the 1970’s that the multitudinous alternate structures began to appear - C,D,T,Z etc. Whilst many of these synthetic variations would support C/W’s pairing, it really should be pointed out that if you propose, design and build a structure incorrectly and then photograph it, the resulting imagery from such structures will merely confirm what you have built. This can in no way be used as proof that natural DNA given free choice would form in the way that these structures have done. Whilst it may be possible to synthesize almost any structure - modern plastics being an obvious example - it does not necessarily follow that they would occur within the natural scheme of nature.

I have always maintained that I would be prepared to raise my arms in surrender were they able take some of my own DNA and show me C/W’s pairing… but the truth of the matter is that they cannot - proof of their theory can only be obtained from synthetic man made DNA.